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We are customer oriented, believe in providing good services system as an Indian, with proven commitment as to Excellency in every aspect from value based policy to satisfy aspirations of society as include customer, vendors, employees, shareholders and transport industry.


We provide reliable cargo transportation services to our customer in accuracy weight with handling as care as customer satisfaction is the keen interest to us.

Value System

At navmeet learning and growing company; you get quality services with global standard in positive manner. As mutual trust, respect, open communication and transparency of action in all activity.

We adopt latest technologies with friendly environment as a responsible authorization.

We value(practise) Indian values with global mindset.

Main emphasizes not only on revenue growth through volume acquisition but also optimized pricing.

Balanced customer portfolio (large, medium, small and adhoc customers). Focus on product performance.

Improvement in cost.

Quality management; Domestic business providence with high quality in intra Gujarat service.

Secure outstand level of customer satisfaction.

Leading edge-support technology which added value to customers.

Strengthen SCF brand and increase top of mind awareness of the comprehensive range of reliable on demand of express delivery services provided by the company and Recruit, develop, manage and motivate our employees towards the highest standard of customer care.

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